SPUTNIK Aragonite Rough Crystal
SPUTNIK Aragonite Rough Crystal

SPUTNIK Aragonite Rough Crystal

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These clusters of Aragonite with their lovely orange/brown colouring and bizarre shapes are often sold as "Sputniks" due to their resemblance of the very first man made satellite ever to be launched into space - the Russian satellite Sputnik 1 launched in 1957.

Aragonite helps to combat chills and is good for the treatment of the skin, the brain and the central nervous system and for helping bones to heal too.

It is calming, helps to reduce anger and cool hot tempers. It encourages sensibility and practicality and increases our reliability.

Aragonite helps us to "centre" ourselves and is therefore extremely useful to have by us as we prepare to meditate. It can also stimulate spiritual connections. 

size approx: 1.5" by 1.5"